Family Season Resources

One of our core values as a church is that God designed the family as the primary place for faith and character formation. These Family Season tools are designed to inspire, equip, and assist you to become intentional about taking simple steps toward creating a God-honoring home. To access all the tools on Love and Marriage, Parenting, Special Situations and Family Intentionality click the link below:

Access all the Family Season tools HERE

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Faith Path Resources

The Faith Path strategy is designed to help you develop a clear plan to intentionally point your child toward Christ in an age-appropriate manner. We hope that you are naturally exposing your child to many of these faith practices from an early age. The Faith Path recommends focusing on particular practices or preparing for certain milestones at specific ages and stages.  We will send you an email at your child’s birthday with a link to the online training, resources, and ideas to help you guide your child along the path. 

Access all the Faith Path tools HERE

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