What to Expect

You've made it through the front door, now what?

Well, first you will be greeted by one, if not multiple, Christ filled souls that frequent our church, we want you to feel VERY welcomed. We’re very excited about The Rock and the good news that is Jesus Christ and we want you to be too.

Second, at The Rock we love to worship and sing, so prepare yourself to be filled with The Holy Spirit as we raise up our Lord and Savior in song. Our worship song selection is contemporary and upbeat, clap and sing along with us as we lift our praises. They don’t call us “The Rock” for nothing…

Next you will hear a message from one of our Pastors, that you can immediately apply to your life. You won’t hear a typical preachy sermon here, Pastors Tri and Mike teach biblical life lessons that you can use and immediately apply to your daily life . It’s like your weekly dose of inspiration.

After the message we finish with a final worship song (we do love to sing…) and then please feel free to join us for fellowship. We do want to get to know you and what better way to get to know us than with a cup of coffee and a cookie in hand.

We are glad you found us. We really hope to see you and want you to feel like and become apart of our family here at The Rock. Come as you are!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Rock like?
The Rock is a revolution in style, a revolution in content, a revolution in purpose. We aren’t interested in doing things the way they’ve always been done. We want to revolutionize church. We want to change what people perceive about it and what they experience when they go.

What is distinctive about the Rock?
First of all we have changed the music. It’s time to rock. It’s time to celebrate. We’ve changed the dress. No need to “dress up” to go to The Rock. It’s shorts, jeans, khakis, T-shirts or whatever else you want to wear. We will change the content. We talk about the stuff you’re really dealing with – like healing broken relationships, overcoming shame, building strong marriages and families and other issues you care about. The Rock is real. We don’t run from the tough stuff, we tell it like it is.

Who is the Rock designed for?
The Rock is a church designed and dedicated to the needs of people looking for a spiritual revolution. Today’s culture faces a multitude of challenges. We seek to empower and encourage people to reach their full potential by helping them overcome the obstacles that have been placed in their way.

What else makes the Rock unique?
The Rock is a revolution in action. We believe in helping other people. We have a heart for people and we belive “that many hands make light work”. The Rock is a revolution in organization. Everyone is involved in making it work. Everyone’s contribution is important and significant. The Rock is a revolution in atmosphere. We’ve exchanged pews and stained glass for a more comfortable atmosphere. People are more important than concrete or wood. We have low lights and contemporary music that you can relate to. Oh yeah…you’ll also never see an offering plate passed in this church!

What is the purpose of the Rock?
The Rock is a revolution in purpose. We’re interested in one thing alone…people. How can we help, assist, care for and love people and help them deal with the difficulties and challenges of life? We believe greatness is measured by your care for others. We’re dedicated to developing a Rock family of men and women who really care for one another…who seek to serve and not just be served…who want give and not just receive, people who love one another despite the flaws we all possess.

What does the Rock believe?
We believe Jesus Christ was the ultimate revolutionary for social and spiritual change.
We seek to incorporate his teaching and values into our everyday lives. We’re committed to loving our enemies, doing good, refusing to judge people, being kind and treating others as we wish to be treated. We seek to love as He loves. We believe God loves everyone and we’re committed to doing everything we can to show that love to all people.

What are the demographics for the Rock?
The basic demographic for the church are singles, young couples, students and young families (basically for the young and the young at heart).

Why are we so excited about this church?
We are genuinely excited about what God is doing here in Sheridan. As we move along, we have been more and more convinced that this is a God-thing.

If you’re interested in God, and all that He is about, but could do without the churchy stereotype that is associated with religion…

Come experience the Revolution.